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Quality Tree Trimming & Pruning

If you’re a homeowner and need a tree trimmed or removed, Deering Tree Service, based out of Maple City, MI, can help you! Whether you have a giant tree that needs to have the branches trimmed or you have a stump that must go, we can handle it. When we trim or remove a tree, we don’t just consider the health of the tree we are working on but also the health of the surrounding trees and plants.

Tree trimming is both an art and a science, as you must consider both the health and the beauty of the tree. Knowing and understanding which branches should be removed and exactly how to remove them only comes from years of instruction and experience in the tree service industry. Improper tree trimming can result in a slow healing of the wound and possibly even the death of your tree. At Deering Tree Service, we have both the experience and the knowledge to safely and expertly trim and prune your trees.

Tree Removal
Trees are an asset to any estate. They offer shade, privacy, and beauty. Although trees offer many wonderful things, tree removal is sometimes required or desired. Trees can become damaged or weak from insects, diseases, bad weather, or construction and need to be removed for safety reasons. Trees are also removed due to overgrowing the area they were planted in, new construction, being unwanted in a landscape area, or for view purposes. If you need a tree removed for any reason, the staff at Deering Tree Service is trained to safely and efficiently remove a tree in any circumstance using our bucket trucks or our climbing gear.

Stump Removal
Once a tree is removed, we can remove the unsightly stump. We will grind the stump down to your specifications. A big, bulky stump can be a hassle to eliminate and can be nearly impossible to remove on your own. We also offer topsoil installation and seeding.

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