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Our Logging & Forest Management Services

If you need help managing your trees or forest, contact Deering Tree Service, based out of Maple City, Michigan. We not only specialize in healthy tree growth, removal, and trimming, but also in logging, and forest management. If you have plenty of trees and would like some extra income, Deering Tree Service will pay you to harvest your timber. If your trees are diseased and need to be removed, we can manage that as well. Whether it’s creating a forest management plan to help you keep your trees growing well and free of disease or removing your diseased trees, Deering Tree Service is here to help you keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

What Is Logging?
Logging is the cutting, on-site processing, and loading of logs and trees onto trucks. When we mention logging, we refer to the process of cutting and gathering timber from a forest or lot. Call us today at 231-228-8733 (TREE) to learn more about our logging services!

Our Forest Management Services
Need lot or land clearing? Our staff can remove large quantities of trees in a timely manner. We have all the right equipment to remove all the trees and debris quickly. We can also grind the stumps. When we are done, your site will be clean and ready for whatever plans you might have.

Call us today at 231-228-8733 (TREE) to find out more about our forest management and logging services.


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